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Who should I call first….My Acupuncturist or doctor?

Recently a client called me and asked if I thought acupuncture would help with their shingles pain.  The client explained they had already been to the doctor and been prescribed some cream but the pain was still agonizingly present.  I explained the efficacy of acupuncture for the treatment of Shingles…it works quite well.  Acupuncture can actually help back it off and keep it from coming back.  The shingles virus is often triggered by stress too.  Acupuncture is effective therapy for stress as well as the pain from shingles.  (And over 200 other health concerns.)

Most people tend to think of visiting their doctor first for health concerns.  Through their doctor, they will most likely be prescribed medications for these ailments.  While medication may be helpful for reducing pain and controlling symptoms; acupuncture actually gets to the root cause of your health concern.  By working on correcting a health condition, acupuncture can help you avoid costly medications and get you on your feet again.  My clients are eager to function at their best and they realize that resolving a certain ailment is much better in the long run than just covering up symptoms with medicatios.  It makes sense to call for acupuncture first if you are interested in a medication free life.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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