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LeAnne Ohlenburger

Thank you so much for the invitation of inserting my acupuncture testimonial into your Baby Brag Book.

I feel so very fortunate to have this baby in my life now.  For almost eight years my husband, Eric, and I tried to get pregnant without much success. But through patience and perseverance, Alexandria has graced our lives and made it all worthwhile.

My pregnancy was a dream.  I wasn’t overly nauseated in the beginning, my energy was fantastic and my cravings were minimal. Towards the end of my pregnancy I decided to look into some acupuncture benefits for the delivery and for post partum.  A week before my due date, Dee Ann was able to apply some points to keep me relaxed and help my uterus progress at a natural rate.  My braxton-hicks contractions became more regular and my mucous plug finally fell out. My progression was still not fast enough for me, but I didn’t want to force my delivery. So I waited. One day after my due date, we called Dee Ann out for a house call.  She put some points in again for uterus progression and general relaxation and then performed some color therapy to assist with many bodily functions. The following day, contractions came closer and closer and I finally had the urge to go to the hospital.  Due to a lack of sleep that night, my body was too stressed out and tired to advance to 10 cm., so they sent me home. With doctor approved, drug assisted sleep I was able to get some rest and I returned to the hospital at 2:30am and our beautiful little girl was born at 5:35pm.

During post partum, Dee Ann was able to apply some points for additional relaxation and for breast feeding.  With four points in each breast, she was able to stimulate my milk production and increase my “let down” in each breast, two-fold.

Dee Ann and her staff have been an integral part of my family’s lives and they will always be in our hearts.


Thank you! Sincerely,  LeAnn O.

LeAnne Ohlenburger

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