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Glenn G.

Decades of kickboxing, two avalanches and several horrendous wrecks have resulted in over 40 broken bones and too many torn muscles, ligaments, and damaged nerves to count. Pain in joints, tight muscles, crazy back- now all gone, usually gone after one session. Dee Ann is fantastic.

When I had a sudden stabbing, debilitating pain in my legs, I called Leigh and she said to come right away, she’ll fit me in. I came to Dee Ann barely being able to walk due to incredible pain from my protesting body.  Barely able to talk, legs on fire, tears streaming from my eyes, my trembling voice whispered answers to her questions.

She worked her magic in that beautiful, peaceful retreat. I was mobile in less than an hour.  Painless, full mobility from such a serious episode required two sessions.

While I will always ache from something, my peace comes from knowing that if a big pain ever returns, I have a magic Lady to bring me back from the edge.  I will be going back, because my allergies are driving me crazy.

Dee Ann is a “10th Degree Black Belt “Master of Acupuncture.  How she knew what was wrong and how to fix it is simply amazing.  Her incredibly reassuring demeanor, confidant voice and calming atmosphere make it so easy to completely relax and totally disconnect.  That little bit of time is 100% about helping you.  Just you.  And when the Angel of Comfort sets you back into the world, you are energized.

We are so fortunate to have her amazingly capable practice here.   Just knowing her is uplifting.  She can help with whatever it is that’s troubling you. Go see her.  You will be very glad you did.

Glenn G.

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