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Green Mission

“For us ‘green’ means that we are stewards of the planet. Therefore, it is our responsibility to utilize every available means to reduce negative impacts on the environment.” ~ Dee Ann


The Environmental Protection Agency claims that 50% of all illnesses can be traced to indoor pollution from conventional household products. Responding to this concern, we built our green, environmentally clean, non-toxic acupuncture offices.

Now you can choose a medical facility that promotes a healthy body and a healthy living space. “Green” building incorporates energy efficient, renewable, sustainable products and resources in the design of a home or office. “Non-toxic” means just that….clean, non-harmful, user friendly materials.

  • Bamboo
  • Biodegradable, safe cleaning products utilized whenever possible.
  • Bonded Logic Blue-jean insulation.
  • Compact fluorescent and LED lighting
  • Direct & indirect day lighting using transom windows to move natural daylight into interior corridor and rooms, thus using less electricity during daylight hours.
  • Formaldehyde-free drywall and other materials
  • Installation of Magnetic-Acrylic Window -(video)", SunTint window tinting & double paned, low-E glass for 3 layers of protection from heat/cold.shapeimage_7
  • Kirei Board – Used in cabinets and reception desk made from compressed sorghum, a fast growing, renewable product. (See pictures above)
  • Non-toxic, wool area rugs
  • NON-VOC [Volatile Organic Compound] PAINT
  • NON-VOC paints in the common restrooms.
  • Organic, non-toxic pesticides/insecticides for pest control.
  • Protection from Electromagnetic frequencies(EMFs). An EMF expert facilitated safe levels.
  • Rechargeable batteries & reusable containers (safety not compromised).
  • Recycling of plastic, glass, aluminum and paper products.
  • Reuse of dehumidified water for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Sealing of all suspicious materials using SafeCoat HardSeal
  • Separately vented exhaust fan at the equipment sterilization area.
  • Top quality HVAC system to maintain fresh, clean air.