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Allergy Capitol of the World

Austin has been called the “allergy capitol of the world” and this spring season seems to be proving that 100%.  I can’t remember when there has been such a thick layer of green pollen covering everything, but it is certainly wrecking havoc with people’s lives.  I get calls every day asking if #acupuncture is helpful for allergy symptoms.  The answer is, “Yes!”  Acupuncture increases circulation and blood flow, aids in your body’s own healing ability and opens up your airways too.  There are also self care techniques I can teach you to do at home which will save you time and money. I carry an excellent nutritional product that acts as an antihistamine (without causing drowsiness) and our clients just love it.  Think of one simple change you can make in your life to help your body be as strong and healthy functioning as possible.  By adding more veggies to your nutritional intake, or drinking more water or sleeping better, you can help your body have what it needs to be at your peak level.  I’m excited to be part of your #selfcareteam and looking forward to helping you feel your best each day!

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