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Acupuncture…the Details

Acupuncture is an ancient method of medicine, based on the human body healing itself.  Noting that our body is connected to all various systems within it, it makes sense that there are direct points of influence, and indirect or secondary points.

Different ways to get to the answers we seek. For example, sometimes you are able to get the sales representative to talk about a needed service. Other times, the mechanic is the one to talk with you about your concerns, and still other times, speaking with accounts receivables, customer service, managers, or the big Kahuna of the business gets you the direct response you are patiently waiting to hear.


Treatment room at AcupunctureAustin

What is causing the problem? Sometimes the cause is obvious, other times not. Using a car as the example: the car is not performing properly, it is leaning to the side. Is the problem a flat tire, a hole in the tire, a nail in the tire, a defective tire, shocks that are worn out, someone in the trunk hitting the side of the wheel cover? The cause of the condition presenting itself is a discovery that helps determine how best to address your concern. Acupuncture, along with my training in reviewing the physical history of your body’s mechanics, anomalies, injuries, and genetics helps me use your story to get specific with what the problem is and move forward with the answers we need to assist healing. Simplified, an increase of blood or fluid movement [water/lymph fluid] to assist the body to recover on its own. By improving the blood and fluid movement in the body, the cells get the nutrients they need for food and detoxification in order to do a better job of performance. Various experiences interfere with our body’s ability to move and do its job of cleaning, refreshing, moving blood and fluids on the inside. Our body naturally performs various duties. And, then sometimes it gets clogged, stagnate, damaged, or just impaired. Those interruptions can be trauma, like a car accident, a fall on the ice or cement, exposure to parasites or viruses, or a genetic pattern that goes back multiple generations through our family members. Sometimes even scar tissue or tissue swelling reduces the body’s ability to function, other times we are born with minor anomalies that interfere with the movement. All of these historic events can deter your body’s performance.

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