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China Trip Stories #101

I’ve been home from China over two weeks and I finally have acclimated to the old time zone!  So glad to be home, and found this trip to China to be one of my best overseas trips ever!  Thank you everyone for your kind go-fund-me donations and for all your kind words, helpful hints and directive comments!  Y’all made it very ease for me to travel without stressing or tension!  Thank you very much goes out to Marisela’s Family for meeting, greeting and taking me under their wings!  Rena and Zohre, locals in Shanghai China, made my trip very memorable and ease with all their assistance traveling the subway, retail therapy, good restaurants that they shared and just their kind hospitality!  With the little time I had in Shanghai they made it one of my greatest city adventures ever.  20 million people in Shanghai, now that is a big city.  And, they are doing something very right for the landscaping was awe inspiring.
I want to share my experiences with y’all so I am organizing a talk at a local library.  I am re-designing my talk for the local crowd here, and will also share some of my photographs from my escapades.  Stay tuned to my blog for future information on this topic, searching now for the locations available.
Buddhist Temple Grotto

Buddhist Temple Grotto

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